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Cold & Flu Survival Toolkit to Combat H1N1 - the Swine Flue Virus
The Menace of second wave of Swine Flue, caused by Virus H1N1 is being forecast.

To recall this is more deadly, in a way then AIDS, caused by HIV virus, because you can not stop a neighbour from sneezing ( though one should etiquettes wise use a handerkerchief to abate that blow of mucus.

How the first wave has been deadly was talked about in the previous pages .

The answer however is in the main ‘precaution’- To was your hands as frequently as you can, and not by a soap rich in germicidals ( like *tol), but by ordinary soaps.

A better answer is in Yoga- keeping healthy- the Indian way.

I quote here a worthy prevention- story from ‘PureNaturalDiva‘ titled Cold & Flu Survival Toolkit - Remedies From My Home To Yours

Cold & Flu Survival Toolkit - Remedies From My Home To Yours
Author: PureNaturalDiva / Published: November 06, 2009 at 8:04 pm


Every mom has it, a cold and flu survival kit. An arsenal of go to remedies that helps them survive cold and flu season.
In our home we take a number of preventative measures. Then I have the tools I use before the storm and then the whole arsenal is in rotation if we end up in the eye of the storm.
I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice, it’s just one mom sharing her toolkit.
Hand Washing: It’s the most important tool in fighting cold & flu. We use the PND Foaming Handsoap and water and wash for 30 seconds. We often sing a song. Don’t use antibacterial soaps which likely contain triclosan and aid in the development of Super Viruses. Wash often, wash well!
Multi Vitamin: I give both my children a daily multivitamins. My pediatrician thinks it’s a waste of money, but harmless. My Internist (an Integrative Doctor) thinks it’s worth while.
Vitamin C: Lil’ Dude & Diva get a daily dose of Vitamin C (250 mg) during the school year. I feel like it helps their immune system.Lil’ Diva has been having ongoing issues with a morning cough this fall. We’ve put a humidifier in her room to help her sinuses move any congestion and it seems to help. The extra moisture in the air is supposed to help the little hairs in the sinuses clean better (according to Dr. Oz).
Personally I take a plethora of vitamins that help keep me healthy - more on that another day.
Neti Pot: I don’t use this for prevention, but many people do and swear by it.Perhaps you’ve seen Dr. Oz demonstrate the Neti Pot on Oprah or now on his own show. I haven’t tried it with my kids, but have seen pictures of children using them on Flickr.
Using the Neti Pot with a solution of warm salty water will help thin out mucus, clear your sinus cavity and flush out the very area were the little buggers are multiplying. While I know there are benefits to using this daily, I use mine when I’m feeling a bug come or when one has set in.
What they don’t tell you when you see it being demonstrated? The first time you use the Neti Pot it feels almost like you’ve taken a dive in the swimming pool and the water went the wrong way. The good news, you quickly get used to it.
The Neti Pot is also useful for people with Chronic Sinus Problems. Dude uses “Sinus Irrigation” for his asthma and feels that it helps (he uses the plastic bottle - it looks more like a nasal spray).

Remeber “Prevention is better than cure”
And Remedies From My Home are easier to trust.

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“Be Healthy”
Priyavrat Thareja

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