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And he said to man,
‘The fear of the Lord-that is wisdom,
and to shun evil is understanding’
(Job 28:28)

The Great Good God Guru Nanak Dev Ji

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Let He, for you, open every gate,
Of success, in this new year, 2008,
showers of an ever ceremonious Fate!
Bestowed pleasures, as from a God’s golden Fete,

Such be the year of Joy for you, Happiness, and celebrations
The great luck and blessings. craftes especially for you, from……Heaven,
Let You be a favoured child of God, His own hands protect you like a cushion,
accompanying plethora of joyous moments, where breakthrough improvement have no mention

Wish You and your family a Happy new Year’ 2008,
and God may fulfill your all dream

With Best Wishes
P Thareja

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The Tharejas wish you all for a very prosperous and joyous festival of Lights.

Om Shri Ganesh-aye NamahMay Godess Lakshami bestow wealth pleasures and happiness on you all.

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Oh Lord, In your ultimate Fabric is interspersed my small .jpg adobe
I only pray it’s coherent with the large number of pixels your web abodes
Know! the man’s web can support, may be, 16 million colours or more,

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Good God- The Old man

The Good Old Man!
Ah! With a long beard!
Think it to be as white as one can?
Or kind of Purity one may have heard!
A perception of perfection in His clan,
Is omni present, without ever being searched?

That is the ‘Guru’ of my dreams,

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