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‘The Essence of Quality’: Delineating a Poetical Treatment
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Thareja, Priyavrat, ‘The Essence of Quality’: Delineating a Poetical Treatment (December 12, 2009). Quality World Vol VI, Issue 12, Dec 2009. Available at SSRN:

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Competence to teach

2011 applicants to TQEM

The TQM page at Wikipedia developed by me.

The ISO 9001:2008 International Standards.

The benefit of being a management representative

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TQM was fired by MILitary and DEFence. It is so because when guns stop to fire, the enemy puts your safety on hire!

The U.S. Department of Defense’s
Definition of Total Quality

Total Quality (TQ) consists of continuous improvement activities involving everyone in the organization—managers and workers—in a totally integrated effort toward improving performance at every level. This improved performance is directed toward satisfying such cross-functional goals as quality, cost, schedule, missing, need, and suitability.

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Managing class room quality better: a journey THRU QFD.
Author: Thareja, P., Singh, S. and Singh, A.
Now a days we emphasis that our main focus is on personal growth, and we expect our education to provide necessary stimuli @ 100%. However, we do not consider requisites about providing the same. The accent on the personal development is insufficient. We must provide quality education with our main motto as Educate with higher level objective and High level objective and high level thinking what Guru Gobind Singh Ji taught the society.

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Title: Mapping your ways to quality and success.

Author: Bibra, P. Thareja, P. and Thareja, M.

Abstract: Today, in the age of highest competition and depleting resources, the recipe to “excel’ has been re-titled as the mandate to ‘compel’ the people to achieve what they must, at a rate which will make them bust. However, there are strategies to achieve the impress, and if some of things make that easier to ingress, then that sure will work as a magic wand. In order to achieve competency one must have following two attributes up above in one’s sleeves: i) The fair availability and deployment of tools, for quality and productivity improvement, and ii) The positive attitude to practice one’s task to fruition, assuring customer satisfaction of utmost order and also care for quality and excellence.

Quality World. May 2011. Vol.8 No.5.p.27

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Why I am a competent teacher to instruct the optional course, and is it necessary for your development?

How is Quality necessary for your development?
(a) Given my way of teaching, it is going to be applied? That is- transformative.
(b) Quality is a way of life in industry – nothing else is.
(c) You tend to fit in Yourself- in the new environment.
(d) It is not learning a subject- it is learning a system
(e) At best- You will find a new domain to have opened up in front of you- a Quality professional

Am I a competent teacher to instruct the course
A thorough submission- immersed in doing something better for society
(i) Author of a TQM Model (Thareja’s TQM model) (2007)
(ii) Member writing group: ANSI/ASQ/ISO z1.11- 2011, Education Management Standard (2009-10)
(iii) Developed a Tool COMpro (competence protocol, a prelude to Lean thinking) (1997)

(iv) Lead auditor and Tutor in QMS (ISO 9001:2008)
(v) Lead auditor and Tutor in EMS (ISO 14001:2004)
(vi) Certified Lead Auditor (ISO 19011:2002) (2002)
(vii) Passed LA course (ISO- TS 16949) (2009)
(viii) Supplier Auditor (AIAG, USA) (2009)
(ix) Lean Six sigma black Belt (2009)

Tutored several LA courses in QMS and EMS (and OSH-MS)
Arbiter of ME(TQEM) programme in PEC. (2009-10)
Judge in Preliminary Rounds of Team Excellence Awards at USA (qualified as judge for Finals) (2011)
Examiner in 7th North West Qualtech Award (2011). Large Industry category (TO > 200 Cr).
My guided capstone project stood 2nd in SME category in 7th North West Qualtech Award (2011)
Experienced in Auditing (ISO 19011:2002)
Instrumental as concept for bringing in TQM as a subject to Engineering Colleges in North India. (1996)
Part of group developed syllabi for Quality at USA (2005)

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