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Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. … Each one of us is at a different level in life and each are on his or her ……id…
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Everyone is capable of learning something new, but the way in which one learns varies drastically from person to pEveryone is capableerson.

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Are we aware that we live?
Not until someone makes us aware of the fact that ‘We have made that difference’!
When the doing were good - the awareness that we live is positively poised, and in contrary

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What careers are in store for you?

Equipped with knowledge of Quality…. You are better off….
As a proficient worker,,,with profound knowledge

Having been able to analyse situations better?
Putting Data to better Work?
care for customer?
Implementing Continual improvement, and with the pull generated… be innovative?

So You have better jobs?
You seek better remuneration…

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What is ‘Sound Mold’?
Ask a foundry man.

“as good as gold”,
replies the foundryman.
`cause the enterprise,
challenges the molder with a quick guise,
to provide a cavity sufficiently manor,
for dear metal, to pour in clear,
inclusions free and laminar,
so as to sleep night…….
to be morning tight!

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